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In the recent years, the company is growing rapidly, and has recognized by the society. However, it never forgets to repay the society during its growth. The company has supported the construction of new villages, building of road at village level, installation of road lamps, repair of river bank, bridges and sluices, construction of squares for residential community, and donated over RMB 1,750,000 for earthquake relief work. At the same time, upon the donation of RMB 1, 230, 000 for the charity at village, town and municipal levels, the company has found the special care fund for Party Member with the amount of RMB 1 million. By the end of 2013, the Company has donated over 200, 000 for the primary schools and middle schools in Tudian Town, and supported over 40 impoverished university students and helped them make their dream of university come true.