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MISSION: Yielding continuously the best valus for the customers and society.
VERSION: Three year's goal
Being Top 30 enterprises in Tongxiang City, Reaching the output value of RMB 1.5 billion in 2015
VALUES: Being United, Being Creative,and Sharing.
Enterprise Basic Culture
SLOGAN: Let the world know Minglong and let Minglong heads to the world;
BUSINSS PHILOSOPHY: Market positioning \customer positioning product positioning;
MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY: Performing effective strategic policy by collective intelligence;
OPERATION CONCEPT: Innovation is the sprit\honest is the precondition \quality is the foundation \development is the goal;
TALENT CONCEPT: Cultivation\shaping \utilization
Image of Minglong;
Harmony of Minglong;
Quality of Minglong;
Culture of Minglong;
Faith of Minglong;
Strength of Minglong
High for advancement and excellence;
Stage for innovation and creativity;
Pioneer of economic development;
Sample for civilization and harmony;
Point of the enterprise culture;
Cradle of fruits sharing.
Advanced employee quality;
Advanced production equipment;
Advanced product quality; 
Advanced working environment;
Advanced welfare;
Advanced economic benefits.