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History of Party Committee

History of Party Committee

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October 1985
Established the party branch of Weixiang Wefting Factory, with 6 party members and secretary Chen Xixin;
October 1989
Renamed Tongxiang Joint Venture Flocking Factory, 11 party members, secretary Chen Xixin;
October 1998
Converted Tongxiang Minglong Jing Weaving Co., Ltd., 13 party members, deputy secretary Chen Xixin;
March 2004
Renamed the party branch of Zhejiang Xinming Longjing Weaving Co., Ltd., 21 party members, secretary Chen Xixin;
May 2008
Established the general branch of Zhejiang Minglong Holdings Co., Ltd., with 4 branches, 27 party members, and secretary Chen Xixin;
April 2010
The party general branch has two new party branches, a total of six party branches, 40 party members, and secretary Chen Xixin;
September 2010
Zhejiang Minglong Holdings Co., Ltd. was renamed as the party general branch of Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd., with six party branches, 82 party members, and secretary Chen Xixin;
June 2011
Set up a party committee, set up six party branches, 101 party members, party secretary Zhu Jianhua;
In 2016
There are 5 physical party branches and 1 virtual party branch, 105 party members, and party secretary Zhu Jianhua;