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Application Field

Application Field

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Zhejiang Minglong New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Product: Specializing in the production of calendered film materials, advanced canopy materials, shower curtain, water bag film, printing film, advanced indoor and outdoor flexible light box cloth, high polymer digital inkjet materials, hot melt composite cloth, etc. 
Application field: Outdoor advertising, inkjet supplies, military tents, canoes, etc. 
Zhejiang Xin Minglong Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.
Product: High-grade car interior cloth, super-soft velvet, faux suede, speckled velvet, imitation velveteen, mesh cloth, etc. 
Application field: Home textile, clothing, automotive interiors, shoes, toys, advertising, etc. 
Zhejiang Minglong Base Fabric Co., Ltd.
Products:Industrial Fabric
Application field: Advertising supplies, canopies, building film materials, water leisure supplies, etc. 
Zhejiang New Minglong Technology Co., Ltd. 
Product: PVC film, floor film, super clear film, white film and car film 
Application field: Floor film, car sticker and medical equipment 
Zhejiang New Minglong Texturing Machine 
Product: Round hole DTY and flat DTY 
Application field: Tricot fabric 
Zhejiang Minglong Import and Export Co., Ltd. 
Product: Specializing in the production of home textile and sofa fabrics 
Application field: Home textile, clothing, shoe material, sofa, etc.