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Talent Mechanism

Talent Concept

Talent Concept

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Talent Strategy

Minglong's talent view: The person with both moral integrity and ability will be put in an important position exceptionally; The person with moral integrity but no ability will be cultivated; The person with ability but no moral integrity will be employed limitedly; The person with no moral integrity and ability will not be employed absolutely. 

Talent Cultivating Mechanism

You can join in or leave Minglong, but you also can be talented in Minglong.


Talent Mechanism: People First, Full Use of Talents

Talent is the important source of the enterprise, and the key of competitiveness. Minglong respects knowledge and talent, and strives to build an atmosphere of fair competition and common development. Shaping talent is the core mission of the enterprise, and our education objective is to make staff specialized with ability of creating value, strict professional ethics and noble personality.
In May 2003, the Company established a long-term training relationship with the Wuxi Jiangnan University to help the Company train technical reserve talents; 
In December 2008, the Company established a long-term cooperative relationship with Yuyao Branch of Taiwan Jianfeng Management School, which conducts training of reserve cadres for internal management personnel in batches, irregularly and pertinently. 
The Company also organizes the field development training irregularly to enhance team consciousness and the indomitable will of the staff. The effective training is for new employees, employees whose jobs and positions are conversed and changed, etc., with internal and external lecturers as the main teachers.
Staff career planning
Employees are the precious wealth of the enterprise. Only a stable and high-quality staff team can make the enterprise develop and innovate continuously and build a century-old enterprise.