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The group grew out of Tongxiang Weft Knitting Plant, which was founded in 1984, through three decades' development, the group now holds 7 enterprises, with a total assets of nearly RMB 0.36 billion, has over 1,000 employees, over 100 of them are above college education. In June 2011, the Party Committee is founded, governs six branches and 101 Party members who play the important role in various positions and act the function of flags. In 2012, the sales amount reached RMB 0.53 billion, and in 2013, we are striving for the sales amount of RMB 0.65 billion, and we are planning to reach RMB 1 billion of sales amount in 2015.
The group concerns the innovation and development, from its foundation in 1984, to its restructure in 1998, to the diversified industries at present, the Group has a splendid path of growth. From the knitting textiles supplier at the very beginning, to the largest international supplier of netting fabric, worldwide partner of interior decoration fabric for cars and the manufacturers of fabrics for fashionable sofa and clothes, luxury sail-roof materials, consumable materials for outdoor advertisement, it is a large NGE which is also engaged in trade, finance, investment, building materials etc.
The system of Product Innovation and Management Innovation has powerfully driven the growth of the enterprises. The Group has ISO9001-2001 approved, passed the accreditation of Standardization Management System of Work Safety, Clean Production, Effect Evaluation on the Control of Occupational Disease etc., and the products are more powerful and competitive.By our perfect sales system, our products are exported to over 50 countries and redions.
While focusing on both the innovation and development, Minglong always treats the employees as the most valuable fortune of the Group, Minglong is "the stage of innovation and pioneering and the cradle of fruits sharing" for the employees of Minglong Group ".