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Corpaorate predecessor was founded in 1984,Tongxiang County weft plant,after twenty years of deveolpment , company now own 7 subsidiaries ,the total assets nearly 360 million yuan,more than 1,200 employees,including 100 college education. Party Committees was set up in June 2011, with the six branches and 101 party members, ,playing an important role in different branch company.In 2011.the company's main business sales reach almost 500 million yuan, created profit and tax more than 3,000 yuan,  base on 2011,sales in 2013reaches 700million , in 2015 expect to exceed 1 billion.


Companies with innovative development of responsibility, from establishment in 1984 to the restructuring in 1998, and now the current industry is relatively diversified,  MingLong had a great journey as an enterprise .The company's products from the initial warp fabric, expanding in various kinds of textile fabrics, apparel fabrics, soft light box cloth ,all kinds of PVC films ,industrial mesh,etc .and involved in building matrials,trade,investment,finance and other fields large private enteprises.


Company established talent, technology, products ,management, culture of innovative mechanism  and help company business develop rapidly .The company has passed ISO9001-2001,production of standardized safety management systems,cleaner production,occupational hazards review system certification,so that the company's products more dynamic and competitive ,with a sound marketing system, exporting more than 40 countries and regions.


Ming Long is committed to innovation and development ,always put the employees as the company's most valuable asset,"people-oriented, treat others warmly "is the core of our corporate culture.Employee's success is that the company's success,respected employees and enterprises with a total disgrace wing with a total retreat,together,seek common development.

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