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Group's lean production management construction and implementation training

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In order to further enhance the management efficiency and establish a refined management system, on November 16, the Minglong Holdings Group Human Resources Department and the management and training joint organization, invited Mr. Zhang Xinjie in the multimedia room held a "lean production management construction and implementation" as the theme of the training, workshop team leader to the workshop director front-line management staff, students. Vice president, general manager, secretaries, business operations / assistants of each branch took part in the training. Teacher Zhang explained how to do well in the construction and implementation of lean production management from four aspects: what is lean production, the introduction of lean production tools, the introduction of lean ideas, the implementation of lean production management seven steps and combined with case analysis, video and other ways. Through this training and study, the trainees have fully understood the depth of fine management and the importance of fine management in practical work. Lay a good foundation for the future development of Ming lung.