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Group carries out fine management training.

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In order to further enhance the management efficiency and establish a refined management system, on September 7, Mr. Zhang Xinjie was invited by the Minglong Holding Group Human Resources Department and the Ride Training Joint Organization to hold a training on the theme of "refined management" in the multimedia room on the fifth floor of the holding company. Li participated in the training. During the training, Mr. Zhang guided all the students into a simulated enterprise through simulated sand table training. Several departments were set up by the students in groups. The students practiced the operation and production management of the simulated enterprise around the visualized sand table teaching aids. The students improved their strategic management ability in the process of the success or failure of the simulated enterprise. To understand the true meaning of business decision. After each round of operation, all trainees through the "company" performance inventory and summary, comb management ideas, find out the problems, through many adjustments and improvements to practice, effectively improve the quality of integrated management.