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In response to national defense day, the group carried out training for militia company

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In order to further enhance the national defense awareness of the militia, strengthen the training of Party spirit and the construction of school discipline, a military day was held on August 31 by the Party Committee of the Group and the unified organization of the Ministry of Armed Forces in Tongxiang City. Zhu Jianhua, secretary and President of the Party committee, led the workshop director, department heads and above to participate in the event. First of all, Chen Section Chief of Municipal Engineering gave us a national defense education course with the theme of "Historical Origin of the Diaoyu Island Problem". Subsequently, in the scorching sun, the instructor took everyone on an hour of military training, through military training, each trainee achieved the basic movements of the army. Finally, under the guidance of the coach, we carried out the most anticipated shooting activities, many students have hit a good score of 10 rings. Through this military training trained the trainees'strong perseverance, super execution, enhanced the good communication and cooperation ability in the team, improved the overall quality of individuals, become the future elite of Minglong.