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More than 100 famous teachers from Jiaxing University visited my group

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On July 4, more than 100 teachers and students of Jiaxing College, led by Guo Fengyen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Minglong Holdings Group, visited and exchanged more than 100 teachers and students. First, they visited the production line of the rolling and laminating workshop of the plastic company. Then, under the leadership of Guo Fengyen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Zhang Jianfang, they visited the image development power center and the production of the group. It also focuses on the development of the group's documentary "crossing". After the visit, a seminar was held in the multimedia conference room on the fifth floor. During the seminar, Guo Fengyun and Zhang Jianfang, together with more than 100 teachers and students, introduced in detail the basic situation and achievements of the group's Industrial Development in recent years, and hoped to reach a consensus with Jiaxing College through this visit to provide students with a platform for practice. Enterprises create talents.


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