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Learning experience of the eighteen great spirits of the party

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On the afternoon of December 8, Chen Weihong, executive vice-president of Tongxiang Party School, held a party lesson in the multimedia room on the fifth floor of Minglong Holding Group, focusing on the spirit of the eighteenth National Congress of the Party. The activities were presided over by Zhang Jianfang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, and all the members of the group participated actively. Principal Chen summed up the eighteenth meeting brilliantly: held a very good meeting, made a very good report, selected a very good leadership. The course also analyzes in detail the core contents of the report of General Secretary Hu Jintao on the 18th National Congress of the CPC from ancient times to the present, from abroad to China, by interpreting the theme of the report on building socialism with Chinese characteristics and building a well-off society in an all-round way. The activity lasted two hours, and the brilliant and varied explanations made the group members more fully and timely understand the new situation and policies of the country, and greatly improved their understanding of the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress. The Party Committee of the Group requests that all the branches should tidy up their study contents and write down their learning experiences, and submit them to the Party Committee of the Group for posting and displaying by way of promoting excellence so as to form the "Minglong Learning Eighteen Spiritual Fronts"


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