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The dormitory safety and health inspection

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On the morning of July 23, a major safety and health inspection was conducted in the group staff dormitory under the organization of the Group Administration Department. The inspection team carefully investigated the potential safety hazards in the dormitory and inspected the hygienic problems. At the same time, the inspection team asked the staff to enhance their safety awareness, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances, prohibit the use of gas bottles, consciously maintain the safety of the dormitory and maintain indoor cleanliness. For fans, door locks, curtain damage and other issues, the Ministry of administration also said that timely arrangements for personnel repair. The overall situation of the dormitory health inspection is satisfactory, but there are still some problems such as dirty, messy and poor dormitories. The Ministry of Administration will supervise the rectification of the relevant dormitories, and then inspect them periodically to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for all employees.