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Group donated clothing and love activities

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In order to further carry forward the traditional virtues of helping the poor and helping the poor, a donation of clothes was carried out at noon on December 5 in the training center on the first floor organized by the Party Committee of the Group. The donation was supported by all the Party members and staff members. They donated clothes for the protection of the cold. More than 200 sweaters and other cold-proof clothes, we all said: "sincerely hope that these warm winter clothes can be delivered to the most in need of friends early, so that they can feel a warm winter in the cold." For each donor, it may be a small contribution, but it represents a social responsibility and dedication of the Minglong people. The activities carried forward the traditional virtues of mutual help of the Chinese nation, enhanced the charitable consciousness of all staff, but also highlighted the harmonious development of Minglong good style, set up a strong feeling of Minglong, a good social image. We believe that love will not cease and warmth will be passed forever.