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Gu Huiqing,born in 1971,in 1987 the company entered Artisman,2008 joined the Chinese Communist Party,currently serves as head of the Finance Department.In Artisman work for 26 years,she has been dedicated,from when the young "plant flowers" By now everyone respected "Gu aunt," she Artisman grow together with the common progress,witnessed Artisman childhood.
"Aunt Gu" is the Ming dragon's "taking care of Aunt",the company can either general or ordinary workers have dubbed her "aunt Gu",now has business dealings and Artisman cooperative unit personnel also call her enthusiasm "Gu aunt";she can always sorts of careful,patient colleagues found subtle errors can not be found,plastics company cashier found not on the accounts,they seek to "taking care of aunt" help,after more than three hours overtime check Gu aunt with extraordinary insight,found out that the humble "two dollars," the difference lies,since then,the financial people are breathtaking called her "eyes."
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