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Born in 1971, she joined in Minglong Company in 1987, and has become the member of CPc since 2008. At present, she is the director of financial audit department. During her 26 years' working experiences in Minglong, She always be cautious and attentive, from the beauty of the plant" in her youth to today's Aunt Gu who is respected by every employee, she has grown up with Minglong, and witnesses the growing path of Minglong.
Aunt Gu is our Aunt Gu, from top to bottom, each common staff or general manager call her Aunt Gu, and at present, the personnel from the business partner also affectionately call her Aunt Gu. She always is capable, by her patience and deliberation, to find out the minor error that other colleagues could not discover. For example, the cashier found difference in the accounting book and asked Aunt Gu for help. After three hours check, by her good perception, she found the cause related to the minor difference of rmb 2, therefore the staff in the finance department were amazed to portray her witha pair of keen eyes.
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