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Jin Xueping

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Born in 1968, Jin Xueping has become the member of CPc since 1996, and joined in Minglong Company in 2004, she was the deputy secretary of Tudian committee of the Youth League. At present, she is the manager of Export and Import Company In 2004 She left the childhood education business which she had devoted to for over a decade and started to be engaged in domestic trade business. In four years, she has grown up to the general manager from the common sales personnel,In the Company we usually call her Teacher Jin, she is recognized as the most devoted person in the Company she spend most of her energy on the work, whether the holidays, weekends or working days, she always stays in the office for business or arrangement of internal affairs, or goes to the dyeing plant or finds supplier with the customers or the sales personn she usually works even after 10 pm. Her devotion to work, her fascination for sales business, her passion for work and her dedication to the group always are the example for the employees in Minglong Group.
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