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Gao Jiansheng

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Born in 1974, He joined in Minglong Company in 1993, and has become the member of CPC since 2005. At present, he is the deputy General Manager of Production of Substrates Company. In 20 years, from a workshop maintenance worker of obscurity, he always be cautious and attentive, works selflessly for the common interest, and now has become a production superior who could fix comprehensively the production related affairs.
His management principle is focusing the management effectiveness, saving each coin". In the golden Idea Project, by his keen perception, his golden idea that replacing the air-conditioning by air convection system in the workshop will reduce the cost by about rMb 200, 000 every year for the company. He is a male leader but he always pays attention to the thought of the employees. promptly gets done with the ideological education, manages with both the scientific concept and the systems, so as to promote the cohesive force and working efficiency of the employees; besides the
daily cares, if the employees from other cities could reunion with their amily due to the long distance during the spring festival, he insists on
inviting the them to the reunion dinner at his home. After several years, this kind of dinner has come become the custom.
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