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Gao Jiansheng

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Gao Jiansheng,born in 1974,in 1993 the company entered Artisman,2005 joined the Chinese Communist Party,currently serves as vice president of fabric company.20 years,he was from an unknown plant maintenance worker,conscientious,austerity and grow as a coordinating the production of first-line supervisor.
To management for efficiency,saving every copper"is a high-Kin Sang management principles,in the "Golden ldeas Project",his keen powers of shop air "golden ideas" annual cost savings for businesses about $200,000;although male lead,but keep in mind the high Jiansheng employees in a timely manner, combining scientific education employees in a timely manner,combining scientific management system,in order to improve staff cohesion and efficiency;apart from everyday life care caring,New Year's,there are always a few foreign workers can not go home because the road is far reunion,Kin Sang adhere to an annual high regard these employees back to her home "reunion dinner,celebration",over the years,has become a prescriptive "reglations."
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