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Zhou Weixian

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Born in 1972, She joined in Minglong Company in September 2004, she is the yarn threading worker in Warp Knitting Company, a common and simple rural woman. She is known by the employees by her representing smile. Her optimism affects positively many persons around her. When talking about Zhou Weixian by the employees on the production line, they appraise her with she relates well to people. In the decade in Minglong, although her education level is primary school, through her continuous exploration, she grasps the key skill of the tender and yarn threading techniques, has become one of the best workers in the warp knitting workshop. In case of any technically difficult task, the workshop director will arrange primarily such task to her With her clever mind, skillful hands and courage to challenge, she never rejects the task ever if her output is affected adversely thereby.
By her working passion she always finishes various tasks without any complaint at the first time; she never put on airs with the new worker, she never grew impatient answering the same question, she carefully gives the answer and passes her experience to the new worker, she is a rare good elder sister who relates well to each person.
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