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Zhou Weixian

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Zhou Weixian,joined the company in September 2004,an ordinary and simple rural women.Zhou Xian iconic smile for the majority of workers are familir,her upbeat personality affects a lot of people around,talking Zhou Xian line in the workshop,we will inevitably praised a "good karma!"
Artisman to 10 years,primary education,through their continued her exploration mastered block car,threading technology essentials,became the warp knitting workshop leader;whatever is technically more difficult to live,workshop director arranged for the primary are her,she ingenuity,courage to challenge,and never since then nuw live will affect the yield and rejected.She always with fiery passion for work,for the first time to complete various tasks,and never had a complant;towards the new work,she never put on airs,the same question was asked again and again,she never wearies,every serious answers,and put his experience to them,she is a rare one,and who are "chummy"a good big sister.
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