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Cotton prices upside down, textile enterprises "risk awareness" stronger

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Business community 05 / 16 news
During this time, summer clothes suddenly warmed up with the heat, the prominent place in the mall is full of the latest style of summer clothes. But careful citizens are not difficult to find that in the market clothing, cotton texture is becoming less and less, manufacturers use more taped cotton, chemical fiber and other raw materials to replace, mainly because of last year's high cotton prices. However, a ton of cotton has plunged by 4,000 yuan in the past month, and cotton prices have fallen all the way since hitting a high of 30,000 yuan per ton in March. However, the falling prices of raw materials did not make textile enterprises laugh, the market atmosphere is more dignified, the prices of products and raw materials upside down. The rising cotton prices have made textile enterprises more risk conscious and unwilling to produce pure cotton clothing.
Cotton clothing is very rare this summer.
Miss Li chose a new summer dress in the mall and found it increasingly difficult to get a pure cotton coat. "Walk for a long time, did not buy pure cotton clothes, mostly cotton blended fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and other materials. She said that several brands that are often bought are not cotton products launched this year.
Chen, manager of the clothing department of Runhe shopping center, told reporters that a dress this summer may cost more than 100 yuan than last year, and the average increase in summer clothes is as high as 10%. And even the brand clothes, the proportion of pure cotton texture is also less and less. In the past two years, cotton and polyester blended fabrics have been the main products. Since last year, cotton accounted for more than 50% of summer wear fabrics. In addition, silk-like fabrics such as chiffon, Dongfeng yarn and polyester filament have also increased a lot.
Cotton prices down, spinning enterprises unhappy?
According to the first textile network, cotton clothing on the market decreased, many businesses explained that cotton prices soared last year, raw materials rose, making cotton clothing costs too high and reduced production. Since the beginning of April this year, domestic cotton prices have fallen rapidly by an average of 500 yuan per ton every three days. In a month, cotton prices have fallen by nearly 4,000 yuan per ton. Cotton prices go all the way down, will it revive textile enterprises and increase cotton production?
Keqiao Fenghua textile enterprise chief told reporters, from now on, cotton prices fell textile enterprises are not optimistic. Cotton prices drop and cotton yarn gets worse. So we can say that the drop in cotton prices is bad news for us. According to the First Textile Network, on the surface, cheap cotton can really reduce our costs, but our next cloth, clothing sellers are also looking at the price of cotton, cotton prices fell, the prices of our products were even lower. But the veil and other fabrics and clothing production will often be one season ahead of schedule, now we use summer fabrics are not the current cotton, but cotton when the high price, so that products and raw materials prices appear inverted cotton yarn and cotton cloth prices low, but high cost, sales and raw material prices appear inverted hanging.
Keqiao textile enterprises reduce cotton consumption
The market has always been buying or selling. During the interview, many people in the industry said so. So even though the price of cotton has fallen sharply now, most textile and clothing enterprises still dare not take the risk of buying cotton, even more reluctant to produce pure cotton clothing.
Faced with the adverse effects of the huge fluctuation of cotton prices, many textile and garment enterprises in the light textile city (600790, stock bar) have made adjustments to comprehensively adjust the yarn count, process and product structure, reduce cotton consumption, speed up the research and development of non-cotton natural fibers such as bamboo fibers, reduce dependence on cotton, and make products more individual. Sex and attractiveness.
Shaoxing Xinle Textile and Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a middle and high-grade shirt fabric production enterprise, shirt fabric competition is fierce; but Xinle Textile in this round of rising and falling cotton prices also maintained a good momentum of development, mainly due to the upgrading of product value-added through transformation, profits no longer greatly affected. The price of raw materials.
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