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Group held monthly safety mobilization meeting

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Safety production, alarm bell ringing. In order to further enhance the safety awareness of all staff and strive to create a safe and harmonious working environment, on April 1, the mobilization meeting of "Safety Production Month" in 2016 was held in the training center on the first floor organized by the Group Administration Department, and team leaders and managers above participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhu Ying, Deputy Minister of human resources. At first, Shen Zhou-hu, the Minister of administration, made a mobilization speech. He called on all the staff to take active action to promote the smooth progress of "safe production". Then, Mr. Jia Qunhai, deputy director of workshop of warp-knitting company, Mr. Li Mingzhong, and Mr. Liu Bing, head of workshop of plastic company, respectively. I spoke on the stage. Finally, the meeting announced the specific plan of the "safe production month" campaign.