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Tongxiang library Ming long holding group branch awarding ceremony

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This morning, the Tongxiang Library gave the Branch Licensing Ceremony to our group. At that time, the Minglong Holding Group Branch of the Tongxiang Library was officially established.
In order to build a learning team, people-oriented, friendly, learning and knowledge-seeking modern enterprise, following the Party and the masses cultural center, Minglong Company has completed the construction of another important staff position, "Staff Sports Activity Center". The center is equipped with a staff bookstore, a staff training school, a staff gym, a staff talk room and an electronic reading area. With the support of the Tongxiang Library, the Minglong Holding Group Branch of the Tongxiang Library has been put into use. The building area of the library is 400 square meters and there are more than 10,000 books in the library. The books cover literature, management, economy and children. Children, general knowledge of life and other fields can meet the needs of reading at different ages and levels. At the same time, the library has installed the same lending system as the Tongxiang Library, and has really achieved the function of Interlending with the Tongxiang Library and Tudian Town Library. The company stipulates that Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are open days for reading, and that they can borrow books free of charge with their cards. In addition, 12:00-2:00 on Saturdays is set as a study time for employees to activate the reading atmosphere of enterprises and encourage them to read more and study more.