Group conducts militia company training in response to national defense military day

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In order to further enhance the militia's awareness of national defense and strengthen the training of party spirit and the construction of school spirit and discipline, on August 31, the party committee of the group and the Ministry of people's Armed Forces organized a military day activity in the training of the Ministry of people's Armed Forces in Tongxiang City. Party Secretary and President Zhu Jianhua led the workshop director and department heads and above to participate in the event. First of all, Section Chief Chen of the Municipal Engineering Department gave everyone a national defense education class with the theme "The Historical Origin of the Diaoyu Islands Issue. Subsequently, in the scorching sun, the instructor took everyone to carry out an hour of military training. Through the military training, each student achieved the basic movements of the army. Finally, under the guidance of the coach, we carried out the most anticipated target shooting activities, and many students scored 10 rings. Through this military training, the trainees have cultivated strong perseverance and super execution, improved good communication and cooperation in the team, comprehensively improved personal comprehensive quality, and became the future elite of Minglong.