Jiashan implements four measures to promote the creation and development of non-public enterprises, party building double brand.

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Jiashan County closely combines the promotion of enterprise development with the deepening of party building in the pioneering activities of promoting transformation and development, and strives to achieve new optimization of the industrial structure of non-public enterprises, new improvement of innovation capabilities, and new strengthening of party building. It is planned that by 2012, the county will cultivate more than 100; develop and build dual-brand non-public enterprises, and select and establish 20 non-public enterprises to strive for excellence.
1. adhere to the service first, promote enterprise transformation. Taking the construction of modern enterprise system as the starting point, adhering to one factory, one policy, formulating targeted measures, supporting a group of backbone enterprises with product advantages and development prospects to become bigger and stronger, and encouraging enterprises to achieve through mergers, alliances, reorganizations, and holdings. Leapfrog development, accelerate the cultivation of regional benchmark enterprises. Find out the support focus of industrial enterprise development funds, add 10 million yuan of special funds for industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively create a policy environment conducive to enterprise transformation and upgrading. Effectively strengthen the guidance of party building work in non-public enterprises, deepen the grid-based party building work, select a group of party building work instructors in non-public enterprises, and ensure that each grid has at least one instructor to guide enterprises to carry out party building work. At present, the county has established 52 non-public enterprise grids, and selected 86 party building instructors, covering 833 enterprises. Zhejiang Xinjialian Electronics Co., Ltd. also invested more than 100 million yuan to build a 2000-square-meter grid party-mass service center.
2. adhere to the introduction of excellent education tip, strengthen talent support. Further improve the talent introduction and incentive mechanism, accelerate the construction of high-level talent technology innovation carrier, and implement the innovative Jiashan elite leading plan; and & 123 outstanding young and middle-aged talent training plan, focusing on the introduction of a group of innovative leading talents, and encouraging flexible mobility and project cooperation, Hire high-end talents through research and consulting. Strengthen the training of enterprise managers, and regularly organize special courses for senior management personnel. According to the development needs of key industries, establish related and supporting vocational and technical colleges, train a group of skilled and practical operators, and strive to build a team of high-quality technicians. Vigorously promote the construction of the "Party Member Talent Project", innovate the selection mechanism, and create an environment for retaining people. Establish a system of initial training, centralized rotation training and special training for party organization secretaries of non-public enterprises above designated size, set up special topics according to the actual situation of the enterprise and the development needs of the situation, and carry out targeted training. We will earnestly strengthen the building of the contingent of party affairs workers in non-public enterprises, establish a talent pool of party affairs workers, strictly enforce the conditions and procedures for the selection and appointment of party organization secretaries, and earnestly strengthen the building of a reserve contingent of party organization secretaries. Encourage qualified party organizations in non-public enterprises to adopt the method of public direct election to produce party organization secretaries, and actively promote the full-time employment of party organization secretaries in large-scale backbone non-public enterprises.
3. persist in making overall plans, and expand the coverage of party organizations. Adhere to the development of non-public enterprises, where the party's organization will extend. On the basis of doing a good job in party building in leading enterprises and leading enterprises, we should focus on the establishment of party organizations in non-public enterprises below the scale. Innovative setting methods, through enterprise joint construction, industry co-construction, leading construction and other ways to achieve full coverage of party building work. Deepen and improve the regional party building of non-public enterprises, in-depth implementation of the grid management of party building in non-public enterprises, through the joint funding of enterprise organizations in the region, joint organization of party member activities, joint grasp of education management, joint construction of corporate culture, and joint creation of civilized units, to achieve Party building work resources co-construction, co-creation and sharing. Relying on leading enterprises and leading enterprises, vigorously promote the construction of party and mass service centers for non-public enterprises, and establish party building activity stations to provide places for enterprises in the region, especially smaller enterprises, to carry out activities.
4. stick to the center, red collar attack to help create. Closely centering on the goal of creating and developing and party building dual-brand non-public enterprises, we should improve the working mechanism, innovate the carrier of activities, and give full play to the political core role of party organizations in non-public enterprises and the leading role of party members. Extensively organize party members in non-public enterprises to carry out activities such as pioneering commitments, job commitments, skill competitions, technical research, and linked assistance, so as to achieve business technology, production and operation, emergency and danger, and willingness to contribute Go ahead, be civilized and law-abiding, and give full play to the leading role of party members with practical actions of pioneering and striving for excellence. Actively promote the party member council system in non-public enterprises, and regularly listen to the opinions and suggestions of party members around enterprise production and operation, technology research and development, standardized management, and welfare benefits, and further enhance the communication between enterprise producers and operators and party organizations. Give full play to the bridge role of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation and other mass organizations, actively carry out all kinds of party-mass co-construction activities, and create a strong atmosphere for the whole enterprise to strive for excellence.