The 4th Most Beautiful Dragon Man-Shen Jianqiang

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Shen Jianqiang, who joined Minglong in 2011, is now a workshop maintenance worker of Kibu Company. Since entering Minglong in 2011, Shen Jianqiang has worked in the machine repair position for 8 years, focusing on sticking to it, cultivating new talents, and serving the production line with excellent technical level.

The work of machine repair is relatively difficult. It not only requires superb craftsmanship, but also requires fast speed, high efficiency, and excellence. Any repaired equipment must extend its service life and be durable. As a security worker in the workshop, Shen Jianqiang is conscientious and hardworking in ordinary positions. He has always been strict with himself and humbly asked for advice. With his years of hard work, he has mastered excellent repair skills and become a unique professional. Technical backbone.