Epidemic Prevention Promotes Development, City Leaders Visit Minglong for Investigation and Guidance

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Brief One:

On February 20, Ma Weifeng, deputy mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's Government and director of the Public Security Bureau, accompanied by Sheng Chujiang, secretary of the Party Committee of Tudian Town, and Wang Zhenyan, deputy mayor of the industrial town, visited Minglong to carry out research on the resumption of work and epidemic prevention. President Zhu Jianhua introduced the group's epidemic prevention and control and production situation, and pointed out that the company in the full prevention and control of the epidemic at the same time, actively respond to the government's call, scientific strengthening of personnel control, orderly promotion of recruitment and resumption of work, has been fully resumed production. After listening to the introduction, Mayor Ma praised Minglong's organizational support and action ability from the gradual shift from epidemic prevention and control to continuous epidemic prevention and comprehensive resumption of production, and hoped that Minglong would grasp the epidemic prevention and control with one hand and resume production with the other, so as to restore the enterprise back to the right track of development as soon as possible.

Newsletter 2:

On the afternoon of February 20, Lu Gaolin, chairman of Tongxiang Agricultural Commercial Bank, and Yao Weiping, director of Tongxiang Branch of Jiaxing Ecological Environment Bureau, visited Minglong for investigation. President Zhu Jianhua accompanied the reception. The purpose of this survey is to actively implement national policies, help support the development of private economy and small, medium and micro enterprises, and fully support enterprises to tide over difficulties.
Director Yao said that during the prevention and control of the epidemic, the government, while improving the efficiency of environmental protection services, has opened up a green channel for enterprises to resume work and production, guiding and coordinating the solution of difficulties and problems in the resumption of work, so that the prevention and control of the epidemic is "not loose", the EIA approval is "not broken", and the quality of service is "not discounted".
In the development of more than 30 years, Minglong Group has established a good cooperative relationship with Rural Commercial Bank. Chairman Lu spoke highly of the cooperation between the two parties in recent years, and fully affirmed the steady development, healthy finance and excellent reputation of Minglong Group. He said that in the future, he will innovate cooperation models, optimize cooperation processes, broaden cooperation channels, and deepen cooperation. Level, better serve enterprises, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results between banks and enterprises!