Minglong Party Building and Group Party Member's Red Journey-Entering Shaoxing and Crossing Nineteen Peaks

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From September 5th to 6th, the group party committee organized all party members to join hands with Haixing village party members, village leaders, and township talents to carry out a two-day red practice activity. Walked into the hometown of Lu Xun in Shaoxing, visited the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, crossed the 19th Peak of Xinchang, and carried out a meaningful and popular red education activity. A total of 143 comrades participated in this activity.

A line of people arrived at Haiyan Fengyi Village at the first stop and visited the beautiful countryside. At the beginning of 2016, Haiyan Fengyi Village began to carry out beautiful rural planning, building a blueprint for the development of "one heart, one axis and five areas", forming eight scenes such as sandbar heron viewing and moon lake walking.

The second stop arrives at the ancient town of Anchang, Shaoxing. Anchang is a famous ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River with a thousand years of history. Small Upeng boats shuttle under the stone bridges of different shapes, known as "clear water through the streets of thousands of residents, rainbow across the river 17 bridge" reputation.

The third stop visited the former residence of Lu Xun. Entering the hometown of Lu Xun, a generation of literary giant, from Sanwei Bookstore to Baicaoyuan, follow Lu Xun's footsteps to learn, play and live with Lu Xun...

The fourth stop visited the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall. The original display with a strong flavor of life in the museum reproduced the history of Zhou's family in the Centenarian Hall and the scene of Zhou Enlai's life in his youth, and learned about Premier Zhou's extraordinary life.
In memory of Zhou Enlai, the good premier of the people, the party committee of the group specially organized a small poetry recitation in the hall of Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall. Five party members selected by the group's party committee and starstar village took turns to give speeches. They used affectionate words and infectious recitations to praise our beloved Premier Zhou. This event gave everyone a traditional education of loving the party, the country, the people, and the prime minister.
A line of people arrived in Xinchang early the next morning to visit the Nineteen Peaks scenic spot. Nineteen peaks with different postures, "the rock through the rock is high and gray, and the peaks and mountains are 19 skyscrapers", with "the beauty of the Li River; The beauty of Guilin.
This red tour, by visiting Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, Lu Xun's hometown, visiting the ancient town and crossing the 19th peak, on the one hand, paid tribute to the revolutionary predecessors and inspired everyone's fighting spirit; on the other hand, they experienced the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, cultivated their sentiment, exercised their will, gained friendship and health, and strengthened their confidence and determination to never forget their original ideals and aspirations, keep in mind their mission, and constantly explore and innovate. Always follow the party. thus enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of the group. Promote the healthy, sustainable and harmonious development of the group.