The Group organized and carried out employee health examination activities in 2021

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In order to protect the health of employees, to help employees fully understand their own health. Recently, the group organized employees to have a physical examination in batches at Tudian Health Center from August 16 to August 20. The physical examination items included more than a dozen items such as surgery, blood routine, electrocardiogram, abdominal B- ultrasound, etc. A total of more than 500 people participated in the physical examination.





Through the health examination, let everyone feel more at ease about their body, so as to put more peace of mind into work. The group adheres to the staff medical examination system, adheres to the enterprise concept of "people-oriented and friendly to others", and regularly arranges staff for medical examination every year.

The group has always taken improving the quality of employees' work standards, living standards, and health standards as its own responsibility, so that the majority of employees can truly feel the company's care for employees, enhance their sense of belonging and cohesion, and provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable and stable development of the company.