Epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed, we are acting!

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At present, local epidemics have occurred in many parts of the country, involving Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Hebei and other provinces. The epidemic prevention and control situation is severe and complex.

Recently, a case of new coronavirus nucleic acid positive personnel was detected in Tongxiang City. In response, the group's party committee quickly set up a prevention and control team, issued an emergency notice on epidemic prevention and control, and timely counted the employees who had recently visited Wuzhen, Tongxiang, and reported them to Tudian Town. At the same time, in order to implement the policy of "control the gate and guard the small gate", according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, the group launched a three-day guard duty system, appointing one person on duty every day, and the duty time is from 7:30 to 8:10. Do a good job in measuring the temperature of personnel entering and leaving every day, and forward relevant epidemic prevention and control policies in various office WeChat groups, calling on the majority of employees to do a good job in self-prevention and control, not to gather and not to pile up.





Epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility, this is a race can not be slack!






At present, it is autumn and winter, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is becoming more severe and complex. In order to protect the safety and health of all employees, please do the following:

1. all employees are requested to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic. If it is not necessary, do not go to medium and high-risk areas and areas where the epidemic has occurred. In the near future, cross-provincial travel will be suspended, and it is not necessary to leave the market.

2. keep personal protection awareness at all times, scientifically wear masks, strengthen hand hygiene, indoor ventilation, and develop good hygiene habits.

3. strengthen self-health management, such as fever (≥ 37.3 ℃), dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, decreased smell (taste), diarrhea and other symptoms, go to the fever clinic of the nearest hospital in time.

The 4. pays close attention to the dynamics of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and once it is found that there are local case reports in areas that have been visited, interchanges with confirmed cases in the same means of transport or activity trajectories, and red or yellow codes in health codes, it should be reported to the community as soon as possible, accept management, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures.