The Group Held 2022 Semi-annual Work Summary and Work Deployment Meeting for the Second Half of the Year

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On the morning of July 16, the group's 2022 semi-annual work summary and work deployment meeting for the second half of the year were held in the multi-function hall on the second floor. the meeting was presided over by Guo fengen, deputy secretary of the group's party Committee and executive president, with the participation of management personnel above the deputy director of the workshop attendant and all party members.

The purpose of this meeting is to summarize the group's management experience in the first half of the year, unite as one, cheer up, and complete all tasks in the second half of the year.

Singing the Song of the Dragon


Summary report of each branch and functional center


Group Party Committee Member, Director of Finance Center-Zhu Linjie.



Executive Deputy General Manager of Warp Knitting Company-Qian Xiaoyan



Jin Tianli, assistant to the general manager, reported on behalf of New Materials Company.



Member of the Party Committee of the Group and General Manager of Kibu Company-Sun Xuehua



Zhu Aiping, General Manager of Minglong Chemical Fiber



Jia Wenguang, member of the Party Committee of the Group and general manager of Xinminglong Technology

Executive President's Speech


Guo Fengen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive President of the Group

President's Speech



Zhou Lijun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group

Chairman's speech



Group Party Secretary, Chairman-Zhu Jianhua

At the meeting, Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, said"Firmly set the goal and do not relax, firm confidence to rush forward"As the theme, the work for the second half of 2022 has been clearly deployed:

First, firm confidence, uplift the spirit

1. Self-confidence is the first step towards success. The more difficult the moment, the more we must deal with it calmly and firmly grasp the initiative of development;

2. All branches and functional departments should take the initiative to act, keep an eye on the weak points of the short board, find out the difficult and blocking points, and implement symptomatic policies and effectively solve them;

3. This year is the "Year of Ability Improvement". The purpose is to train the team well. The most important thing is to train the grassroots and middle-level teams.

2. grab orders, open up the market

1. With market sales as the core, on the basis of maintaining existing customers, we will make every effort to develop both domestic and international markets;

2. Take safe production as the foundation, ensure the stability and development of the enterprise, and make the products "excellent" and "refined";

3. Focus on product research and development, ensure high-quality development and seek breakthroughs, and insist on "wisdom wins innovation, and innovation wins the future".

3. fine management, improve quality and efficiency

1. We should persist in promoting the 6S work of the group and carry out fine management with normalization. Through monthly inspection and tracking, the on-site management of the whole workshop has been greatly improved. Therefore, we should continue to grasp and grasp continuously;

2. Do a good job of increasing production and saving expenditure, take the group's golden idea project as an opportunity, track and implement every golden idea, and finally achieve the role of reducing costs and increasing benefits;

3. Strengthen the executive power of grass-roots and middle-level managers. Everyone in the enterprise should recognize their own role. In addition to being a smart and capable commander, they should also be an out-and-out executor. Only strong executive power can better promote the development of the enterprise.

Chairman Zhu Jianhua said: Under the guidance of "one concept", "two innovations" and "three orientations", the group will surely achieve better results in the second half of the year, hand in a satisfactory answer sheet for 2022, and lay a solid foundation for achieving greater results in 2023.