Shen Zhifeng, Vice Mayor of Tongxiang City, Visited Minglong for Investigation

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On the morning of August 12, Shen Zhifeng, vice mayor of Tongxiang City, accompanied by Qian Lifang, secretary of the party committee of Tudian Town, visited Minglong for investigation. Zhu Jianhua, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, warmly received him and made a brief report on the current production and operation of the group. Accompanied by Chairman Zhu Jianhua, Shen Zhifeng visited the Group's Party Building Culture Center and Staff Sports Center respectively. Guo Fengen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive President, gave a detailed explanation on the Group's Party Building and Corporate Culture Construction.

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Later, Vice Mayor Shen Zhifeng visited the new materials bonding workshop to learn about the company's production and staff work. Executive President Guo Fengen gave a brief report on the company's products and research and development progress.



After visiting and listening to the report, Vice Mayor Shen Zhifeng fully affirmed that the group resolutely rose against the trend in the first half of the year in the face of the general environment downturn, and spoke highly of the group's party building and corporate culture construction. I hope that the enterprise will still maintain confidence in development, continue to open up domestic and foreign markets, accumulate a number of large and excellent customer groups, ensure the driving force of enterprise development, and strive to be the vanguard of high-quality development and common prosperity, to add luster to the economy of Tongxiang.