Group to carry out annual mechanical and electrical safety inspection activities

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Annual Electromechanical Safety Investigation

Towards the end of the year, in order to ensure the orderly production safety of each branch and the safe and stable operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, recently, the group's mechanical and electrical department, under the leadership of assistant president Shen Zhouhu, inspected the relevant mechanical and electrical equipment of each branch one by one.





The inspection team made a detailed investigation on the wear and tear of mechanical and electrical equipment, the accuracy of electrical instrument values, the aging of lines and the safety protection of public facilities in each branch.

After the inspection, the inspection team summarized the problems existing in each branch, and signed the "Notice of Group Safety Production Ordering Rectification within a Time Limit" with the person in charge of rectification of each branch.



The management center will classify and summarize the potential safety hazards detected this time, and will also follow up and supervise the rectification.

Towards the end of the year, each branch should do a good job in mechanical and electrical maintenance, and at the same time standardize the filling of equipment management accounts and make inspection records. Second, we must increase the intensity of equipment investigation, do a good job of investigating hidden dangers on our own, and implement relevant responsible persons. Third, we should strengthen the rectification efforts, solve the problems found in time, and ensure the start-up rate of equipment.