Corporate Vision

Company Mission:Continuously create greater value for customers and society
Company vision:Become a more respected supplier across the industry
Core Values:Concentric, create, share
Enterprise basic culture:
Enterprise slogan: let Ming dragon to the world let the world know Ming dragon;
Business philosophy: three positioning, namely: market positioning, customer positioning, product positioning;
Two innovations, namely: management innovation, product innovation;
Management philosophy: use the power of collective wisdom to make effective strategic decisions;
Business philosophy: innovation as the spirit, honesty as the premise, quality as the fundamental, development as the goal;
Talent concept: educating people, shaping people, employing people.
Six business cards
the image of the dragon;
The strength of the dragon;
Quality Ming Long;
Culture Ming Long;
Integrity Ming Long;
Harmony Ming Long. (Proposed in 2009 in the context of the establishment of Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd.)
Six major goals
A high ground for excellence;
Pioneers in economic development;
The stage of entrepreneurship and innovation;
the top soldier of enterprise culture;
A model of civilization and harmony;
The cradle of results sharing. (2012 in the context of the global financial crisis continues to spread)