Historical evolution


1. In April 1984, the enterprise purchased 4 old round machines from Tianjin Knitting Factory and established Tongxiang Weft Knitting Factory;


2. In 1985, two more large round machines were added. At that time, there were more than 50 employees. According to the unified plan of the government, the original factory building was given to Tudian Silk Weaving Factory;


3. In May 1986, a new factory building was built on 3 mu of newly acquired land in the south of the factory, and was moved from the original site to the current No. 65 Shijing East Road;


4. In June 1989, Tongxiang Weft Knitting Factory and the Design Institute of the Ministry of Textile Industry jointly invested and established Tongxiang (China Textile) Joint Flocking Factory, with a total investment of 950000 yuan. In November 1990, Zhu Jianhua became the factory director, thus opening the prelude to the development of the company......