Talent concept

talent strategy

Minglong's view of talents: there are virtues and talents, and they should be reused in an exceptional way; there are virtues and no talents, and they should be cultivated and used; there are talents but no virtues, and employment is restricted; there is no virtue and no talent, and they are resolutely not used.


talent training mechanism

Minglong's platform, you can come, you can go, but you can become a talent.


Talent mechanism: people-oriented, people make the best use of their talents

Talent is an important resource of an enterprise, and it is the key to Minglong's competitiveness. Minglong respects knowledge, values talents, and strives to create an atmosphere of equal competition and common progress. Shaping people is the core task of the enterprise. Minglong's goal of educating people is to shape their employees into professional, value-creating people with strict professional ethics and noble personality.
In May 2003, we established a long-term counterpart training relationship with Wuxi Jiangnan University to help the company train technical reserve talents;
In December 2008, it established a long-term cooperative relationship with Yuyao Branch of Taiwan Jianfeng Management School to train reserve cadres in batches, irregularly and pertinently.
The company also holds field expansion training from time to time to enhance the team consciousness and perseverance of employees. Training is an effective training for new employees, job conversion, job changes, etc., with internal lecturers and external lecturers as the main teaching staff.
Employee career planning
Employees are the precious wealth of an enterprise. Only a stable and high-quality workforce can make the enterprise develop and innovate continuously and build a century-old enterprise.