Zhu Yan Bud

Zhu Yanya entered Minglong Kibu Company in May 2009. She is a "good worker at ease" in the eyes of the company's leaders ". With fast speed and high accuracy, due to her outstanding work performance, she grew from an ordinary car blocker to a yarn wearer in the second year. In the wear yarn technology, is now also the leader of the base cloth company. She is enthusiastic and active in her work, and often helps the "sisters" around her to solve various "problems" encountered in her work ". Never care about gains and losses, so that she can 100% complete the tasks assigned by the leaders, accumulate over time, and get colleagues and leaders.

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Limin Yang

In May 2005, he entered Minglong Warp Knitting Company and grew from an initial security worker to a qualified workshop monitor today. With the tenacity of assiduous research on technology, through unremitting efforts, he has made great progress in machine repair technology, and is a good hand in warp knitting company. Whenever there is a machine failure in the workshop, the first thought of the employees is "monitor yang". In learning and management, he is more active, summing up all kinds of experiences and lessons in time, and giving systematic training to the team after sorting out. Often with a naive "smiling face", new workers can also shorten the "sense of distance" with him at the first time, and they can always talk to "monitor Yang" if they have problems"

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Zhu Zhongming

He has been in the company for 13 years since 2004. He has been with Minglong all the way and is currently in charge of the warehouse of New Materials Company. In the rainy weather in summer, he always checked in the warehouse for the first time, fearing that the goods would be wet by the rain, and organized everyone to rescue and sweep the water in time, so as to ensure the efficient storage of the goods and ensure the credibility of the company. When talking with people, he always treats his colleagues as a modest gentleman, always takes work as the center, does everything in detail, and completes his work with 100% energy.

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Zhu Haiping

He entered Minglong Company in September 1996 and has been working for 21 years. He is currently the director of the deep processing workshop of the warp knitting branch. Since joining the work, he has been awarded the title of "Excellent Party Member" and "Excellent Employee" for 9 consecutive years. Love one's post and respect one's work, devote oneself to one's duty, and strive to do one's job well. From an ordinary yarn wearer to the director of the deep processing workshop, she worked diligently, worked hard and put the company's interests first. whenever it rained suddenly at night, she would not sleep well all night, thinking about whether the goods were put in the greenhouse in the rain. when the rain was heavy, she wondered if they would be flooded. several times she got up in the middle of the night to check the goods in the factory or make one.

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Xu Zhangguan

Xu Zhangguan, born in 1962, joined Minglong Company in 2007 and is now the deputy director of the workshop of Plastic Company. Colleagues in the plastic company often call him jokingly: Chief Xu, who is steadfast and diligent, is recognized as a good leader at the grass-roots level. In his job, he is reserved and arrogant, starting from the interests of the enterprise, from an ordinary employee, after more than ten years of training, he has gradually grown into an excellent grass-roots manager. In charge of personnel, safety, health, logistics work, there are miscellaneous, chaotic, difficult and other characteristics, but he is never afraid of trouble. "If he hadn't known every employee very clearly, it would have been very difficult to start the work",

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Zhu Linjie

When it comes to a funny and humorous young male leader in the finance department, everyone can guess that he is a "happy fruit" of female comrades in Minglong's financial front-Zhu Linjie. Zhu Linjie, born in 1983, joined Minglong Company in 2006 and is currently the deputy director of the company's financial audit department. Positive, optimistic and cheerful, he influenced the entire financial department. In the words of the last "most beautiful dragon man" and "Aunt Gu", he brought a lot of fun to the boring work of the financial department and eased the tense and depressing working atmosphere of the financial department. Love all kinds of new things, pay attention to find the humor in life, is Zhu Linjie

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Mei Chen

Speaking of Chen Mei, the employees of Kibu Company all gave their thumbs up. From the general manager to the ordinary employees, they all expressed great appreciation for the petite and gentle "daughter-in-law" of Tu Dian. Chen Mei, originally from Sichuan, later married in Tudian Hengfeng Village, was born in 1975 and entered Minglong Company in 2008. She has been in the post of "Jing Jing" for 8 years. She has strict discipline, exquisite business, and takes the initiative to spread, help and lead. She is the "assured employee" in the eyes of the leaders ". Every time there is a difficult task, needless to say, she is always the first person to shoulder the heavy burden silently. Her skillful operation technique is a good one in the post of "whole classics".

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Xu Minghua

Xu Minghua, born in 1972, joined Minglong Company in 2005. He is professional and responsible, friendly and friendly. In 2014, after being selected and sent, he was absorbed by the group's party committee as a probationary party member. "Aunt Minghua" is a kind name for Xu Minghua, and "professional, dedicated and professional" is the connotation of this name. During the ten years of working in the warehouse rolling group, she has accumulated rich experience in fabric inspection, which is well known and recognized by more and more people. After serving as the head of the marking team in 2013, "taking the lead, working hard and doing well" is Xu Minghua's basic for himself and his team.

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