Xu Minghua

xu minghua,Born in 1972,2005Entered Minglong Company in, professional and responsible, friendly and friendly.2014In the year, after being selected and sent, he was absorbed by the group party Committee as a probationary communist.

"Aunt Minghua" is a kind name for Xu Minghua, and "professional, dedicated and professional" is the connotation of this name. During the ten years of working in the warehouse rolling group, she has accumulated rich experience in fabric inspection, which is well known and recognized by more and more people.2013After serving as the head of the marking team in, Xu Minghua's basic requirement for himself and his team is to "take the lead, work hard and do well. She set an example, not afraid of difficulties, stick to the end70After the solid work style, not only won the recognition of Minglong people, but also the cooperation units that came to inspect the goods were full of praise. In Xu Minghua's own words: my cultural level is not high, and I can't do it well in the leadership mode of shouting from a distance. Only by integrating into the team and working together, influencing and leading the team in the process of doing, can I do it more fully. In case of emergency work tasks and overtime work, Xu Minghua never shirks, complains or complains, and always rushes to the front line. Because of this, the colleagues who accompanied her in the struggle respected her very much, and everything she told her would be done to the letter. In addition to the superb professional standard, Xu Minghua's optimistic and positive attitude is also one of the reasons why everyone is willing to communicate with her more. A smiling face with a warm and zero sense of distance gives everyone an incomparable sense of intimacy. The sound of "Aunt Minghua" is full of everyone's love and trust in her.

Professional, loyal and friendly, it shows a shining light."Positive energy" Minglong people, "Minghua Aunt" really deserves the honorable title of "the most beautiful Minglong people.

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