Group Held Warp Knitting 6s Fine Management Site Meeting

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In order to effectively promote and implement the 6s management and fine management implemented by the group, and to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality level and new management mode on site, the group management center recently organized a "warp knitting 6s fine management on-site meeting and internal training" activity, which was attended by management personnel above the team leader of each branch.

On-site observation





exchange interaction







In the interactive session, everyone spoke actively and asked questions about the problems found during the visit. At the same time, they also expressed that they would seriously study the advanced management.

Internal training courses



Fei Tingting, assistant to the general manager, shared four aspects: what is fine management, why enterprise management needs fine management, the composition of fine management mode, and the sharing of fine management ledger of warp knitting company, so that everyone can further understand the role and practical significance of fine management.

Summary Comments



Finally, Guo Fengen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive president of the group, summarized and commented on the activity, analyzed the importance of reducing costs and increasing efficiency under the current situation with "three ways to do a good job", and put forward three requirements:

Make 6S basic management solid.One is a correct understanding; The second is not to find reasons; The third is to do the best.

The fine management to do meticulous.The first is authenticity; the second is accuracy; the third is meticulous.

Put the responsibility of management first.The first is to perform their duties in accordance with their job responsibilities; the second is to play a leading role; the third is to continue to learn and improve their working methods.