The Group Successfully Held the 14th Staff Group Games

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On May 2, the Group held the 14th Staff Group Games. With the theme of "creating excellent and different achievements and winning healthy physique", this Games has five events: cooperative operation, helping each other in the same boat, blindfolded gongs, baton relay, and concerted efforts. A total of 7 teams participated in the competition.

Opening Ceremony





Poetry Recitation "Salute May 4th, Salute Youth"



Referee Representative Oath



Athlete's Oath



Group Party Secretary and Chairman Zhu Jianhua delivered a speech and announced the opening of the Games


In the competition




coordinated combat











blindfolded gong




Stand-up relay







Closing Ceremony

After a wonderful and enthusiastic competition, the teams fully volatilized the spirit of teamwork and tenacious struggle, and showed their level and style in the competition.



Group First Prize



Group Second Prize



Group Third Prize

As one of the group's "nine characteristic activities", the employee group sports meeting has been held for 14 consecutive times. The holding of the sports meeting has further enriched the cultural and sports life of employees. The group will take this opportunity to stimulate employees to transform sportsmanship into dedication and love, and lay a solid foundation for the completion of their respective goals.