Group to carry out the 12th "military day" training

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As an important part of China's armed forces, the militia is the assistant and reserve force of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, shouldering glorious responsibilities and obligations. This afternoon, the group's basic militia carried out the 12th "military day" training at the Tongxiang militia training base. Group Party Secretary, Chairman, Minister of the Armed Forces Zhu Jianhua attended the event.

national defense education




First of all, the basic militia watched the national defense education video, further strengthening everyone's national defense concept and sense of mission.



Kikan Militia Learn from Heroes and Exemplary Characters


military action training









"Stand at attention, at ease, and look to the right..." Rows of militiamen dressed in camouflage uniforms, raised their heads and held their chests high under the command of the instructors, and conducted training in a uniform pace.

target training




At the shooting training range, militia platoon leader Guo Fengen explained in detail the shooting methods, shooting essentials and other military knowledge. In particular, the basic essentials such as target aiming and horizontal shooting are demonstrated, and safety precautions are emphasized.




Lying down, loading bullets, holding guns, aiming, and shooting, everyone looked focused, strictly in accordance with the requirements of military discipline, and carried out live firing in groups under the unified command of the security officer.

Through this "Military Day" training, the ideological awareness and military skills of all the basic militiamen to defend their homes and the country have been further strengthened, laying a solid foundation for "coming as soon as they are called, they can fight when they come, and they will win when they fight", and they will always be the party and the people. Loyal guard!