New attempts and new initiatives-help reduce costs and increase efficiency

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Since the group implemented refined management, the workshops of each branch have actively tapped their internal potential, using "golden ideas", "turning waste into treasure", "a skill" and other methods to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, so that cost reduction and efficiency increase can take root and achieve everyone's participation. purpose.



Recently, the warp knitting company and the emergence of "down" new initiatives. The warp knitting machines in the warp knitting workshop need to be replaced with three needles due to production adjustment. Two of the warp knitting machines do not have suppliers to provide replacement services due to "imported needles". If professionals are found to replace them, a considerable labor cost will be required.



In line with the principle of further training the machine repair level of the elevator repair personnel and the fine management of the group, the workshop manager decisively decided to replace the three needles by his own machine repair personnel. With the cooperation of the security workers and the mobile workers, the whole needle replacement process was very smooth and ran normally in a short time. "Through this attempt, we have not only trained our operational skills, but also tested our ability to work as a team. It is a good opportunity to exercise and improve, laying a good foundation for all kinds of work in the future and providing valuable experience." Said to head teacher Zhu Jianqiang.



As the staff of the group and the workshop with the largest production scale, the warp knitting workshop strives for perfection in production and dares to try in fine management. Just like the slogan they shout loudly at the morning meeting every day, "Believe in yourself, I will succeed". They use their own practical actions to contribute to the group's "cost reduction and efficiency increase.