Canteen Healthy Meal Cooking Competition

On the afternoon of April 18, under the organization of the administrative department, the first healthy diet cooking competition was successfully held in the company canteen. The competition is based on the three tenets of health, hygiene and deliciousness. Several chefs are full of energy and show their abilities. The whole scene is fragrant in an instant. Through this healthy diet cooking competition, it not only improves the cooking skills of chefs, but also advocates reasonable nutrition, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, and spreads them in the form loved by the masses, so as to form scientific and healthy eating habits.

2018-11-24 08:17

Business Analysis Meeting in March

On the afternoon of April 16, a business analysis meeting was held in March. The management center, finance, warp knitting, ammunition, kibu and warp knitting reported on the work contents in March. The supervision team briefly described the problems existing in each company. Zhu Aiping presided over the micro-party class. Finally, Zhu Zong summarized the meeting.

2018-11-24 08:16

Party member television education activities

At noon on March 27, all party members of the enterprise watched the activities organized by the party Committee office to watch the top ten Chinese figures in 2017 on the second floor. The video shows Lu Yonggen, a crop geneticist who donated his life savings, Liao Junbo, who died in the line of duty, Xie Haihua, who made us feel precious feelings, Yang Kezhang, a firefighter who died to save the little girl, Liu Rui, who set a new record for the Chinese Air Force's offshore training, Huang Dafa, a village chief who only donated a clear spring all his life, and Wang Jue, who donated 20,000 a year.

2018-11-24 08:11

Mobilization and Deployment Conference for Creating Civilized Units

In order to promote the construction of civilized units of our company to a new level and vigorously create a strong atmosphere of political civilization, material civilization and spiritual civilization, on August 18, Guo fengen, vice president of the group, presided over a mobilization and deployment meeting for the establishment of national civilized units, mobilized all employees to take immediate action, guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and based on the cultivation and practice of socialist core values, Actively carry out the establishment of national civilized units, promote the creation of the company's national-level civilized units to a higher level, and strive to achieve the goal of creating a national civilized unit. The creation of civilized units is both a mass civilization creation activity.

2018-11-24 08:09

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