Mobilization and Deployment Conference for Creating Civilized Units

In order to promote the construction of civilized units of our company to a new level and vigorously create a strong atmosphere of political civilization, material civilization and spiritual civilization, AugustOn the 18th, Guo Fengen, vice president of the group, presided over a mobilization and deployment meeting for the establishment of national civilized units, mobilizing all employees to take immediate action, guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and based on the cultivation and practice of socialist core values, actively carry out the establishment of national civilized units, promote the establishment of national civilized units of the company to a higher level, and strive to achieve the goal of national civilized units. The establishment of civilized units is not only an important content of mass civilization creation activities, but also an effective form of cultivating humanistic spirit, optimizing development environment, and building unit soft power. It is also an important basic work to improve the quality of the whole people.

president zhu jianhua pointed out at the meeting:

We must have a clear understanding of the situation of the creation work, further strengthen our understanding of the importance and necessity of the creation work, earnestly unify our thinking, enhance our understanding, enhance our confidence, form a joint force, and solidly promote the realization of the creation goal.

1. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the situation, clarify ideas, and strengthen the confidence and determination to do a good job in the establishment of civilized units.

2, to face up to the problem, draw inferences from one instance, and continuously improve the quality level of civilized units.

3. It is necessary to clarify tasks, highlight key points, and strive to promote the rapid development of the creation of civilized units.

4, to strengthen leadership, careful organization, the formation of civilized units to create a long-term mechanism.