Zhou Weixian


Warp Knitting Company Yarn Worker Zhou Weixian,2004Year9Month into the company, is an ordinary and simple rural women. Zhou Weixian's iconic smile is well known to the majority of employees. Her optimistic and cheerful personality has influenced many people around her. When talking about Zhou Weixian on the front line of the workshop, everyone can't help praising "good popularity!".
In the 10 years since she came to Minglong, she has mastered the technical essentials of car blocking and yarn wearing through her own continuous exploration, and has become a leader in the warp knitting workshop. She is the first person to be assigned by the workshop director for any technically difficult work. She is skillful and dares to challenge. She never refuses because taking new jobs will affect the output. She always completes various tasks in the first time with fiery work enthusiasm, and has never had a complaint; when dealing with new workers, she never puts on airs, and the same question is asked over and over again, she never feels bored. Answer carefully every time, and pass on your own experience to them; Zhou Weixian loves to laugh and chat, and has an innate affinity. She speaks slowly and softly, and communicates with everyone very smoothly. Talking with her can always give people a relaxed and happy mood, which virtually relieves the work pressure of the staff. In the workshop, she is a rare good elder sister who "gets along" with everyone.
The people around her like her very much, and the young employees affectionately call her "elder sister". "Work earnestly, actively, and perform well" is the company leaders' evaluation of her. Although it is simple, it is enough to show that the leaders affirm her hard-working, serious and careful work spirit, which is also advocated and learned by the enterprise.

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