Gao Jiansheng

Gao Jiansheng, born in 1974,1993Entered the Ming Long Company in,2005He joined the Communist Party of China in, and currently serves as the deputy general manager of Zhejiang Minglong Kibu Co., Ltd., in charge of production. He is not only the most senior old employee of Minglong, but also an excellent manager.

"To benefit from management and save every copper plate" is Gao Jiansheng's management principle. He always pays attention to the ideological trends of employees, does a good job in ideological education of employees in time, accumulates management experience, and combines scientific management with system to improve the cohesion and work efficiency of employees. And strive to know people and make good use of them, so that every employee can work in the most suitable position, "those who can give full play to their strengths, and those who are healthy will spare no effort". Without safety, there is no benefit. In view of this, Gao Jiansheng requires employees to operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, always keep in mind the safety precautions, put an end to violations of discipline such as sleeping on duty and taking off duty, and eliminate potential safety hazards in the bud and prevent problems before they occur. In addition, Gao Jiansheng pays attention to the management of the site, and puts the site management throughout the entire management work to improve work efficiency, ensure safe production, and ensure orderly production.

Gao Jiansheng has always insisted on putting work needs first, devoting all his energy to work, and focusing on the overall situation of the work. As a production manager, it is common for him to work overtime. His youth is closely combined with the development of Ming Long. He is the most beautiful Ming Long man worthy of the name!

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