Jin Xueping

        jin xueping, Born in 1968, joined the Communist Party of China in 1996, joined Minglong Company in 2004, and served part-time as Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of Tudian Town. He is currently a member of the Party Committee, Vice President, General Manager and Party Branch of Minglong Holding Group Co., Ltd. Secretary.

In 2004, Jin Xueping, who loves talking, laughing, singing and dancing, resolutely left her preschool education career for more than ten years and switched to domestic trade business. "Resolutely not leave a way for herself" was what she left to herself when she chose to change careers. She started as a domestic trade salesman at the bottom. Due to her outstanding performance, she was promoted to business manager, assistant general manager, deputy general manager and general manager in four years.
In the company, the most commonly used name for her is Mr. Jin, who is recognized as the most dedicated person in the company. She spends most of her energy on her work, whether on holidays or at ordinary times, not staying in the office to handle business, arranging internal work, or accompanying customers or salespeople to run the dyeing factory, looking for suppliers, and often working until 10 o'clock in the evening, which is a common occurrence for her. Her dedication to work, her obsession with sales, her passion for work, and her spirit of giving up her family for everyone are an example for every Minglong to learn from. The college entrance examination is a major event in life for all parents and students, but as a mother, she did not give her daughter too much time to take care of her. Everything at home and abroad also fell on her husband's shoulders. As a daughter and husband, she comforted her and said, "you can work at ease. There are our father and daughter at home!
Under her leadership, the Import and Export Corporation,In 2012, the head office overfulfilled the assessment task, but this year, by the end of September, 78% of the annual assessment had been completed, and there is every hope that it will be overfulfilled again this year. This is Jin Xueping, persistent, optimistic, upward, and never satisfied, becoming the "most dedicated person" of Minglong Company ".

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