Gu Huiqing


"Anyone who focuses on one area,5Years can become experts,10Years can become authority,15The year can be the world's top." There is such a "top" in Minglong head office. She is the beautiful aunt "Aunt Gu" who knows everything about the company ". gu huiqing:1971born in,1987Entered the Ming Long Company in,2008He joined the Communist Party of China in, and currently serves as the head of the financial audit department of the head office. Working in Minglong26In 2003, "Aunt Gu" has been conscientious and persistent in her job. From the "factory flower" when she was young to the "Aunt Gu" respected by everyone, she and Minglong grew up and made progress together, witnessing Minglong's mental journey.

"Aunt Gu" is Ming Long's "Aunt Gu". Both ordinary employees and general managers of the company call her "Aunt Gu". Now, the personnel of the cooperative units who have business contacts with Ming Long also enthusiastically call her "Aunt Gu". "Aunt Gu" is a know-it-all in the finance department. She has more than 20 years of rich business knowledge and knows all kinds of financial businesses well, often when encountering "difficulties" that are difficult to solve, she can solve various problems with her professional financial level; "Aunt Gu" is also the "intimate aunt" of the finance department. Aunt Gu and her colleagues work overtime and check accounts together. She can always find subtle mistakes that colleagues cannot find with every kind of care and patience.

"Aunt Gu" is upright and rigorous in her work. She devotes her youth in obscurity. Although she is the head of the audit department, she has always been easygoing and enthusiastic and never put on airs. Ming Long is taking off. "Aunt Gu" is a benchmark and a model. She takes26The professionalism that has always been the same every year reminds us that every Minglong person should be steadfast and serious!

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