Bu Jiankun

        If there is any failure in the machine in Minglong workshop, the first person you think of must be "Master Bu". Bu Jiankun, 1989 Entered the Ming Long Company in, 2008 He joined the Communist Party of China and is currently the Minister of Electrical and Machinery.
In private, many old employees call Bu Jiankun "Teacher Bu", not only because he has been a substitute teacher for several years, but also because he is gentle and has ultra-high machine repair skills. In 23 In the course of his work, "Master Bu" has always had a good reputation. Whether he treats new employees who have just entered the factory or old colleagues who have been working for decades, he never puts a high profile and takes new mechanics. He always teaches by hand, leaves the simplest work to others and does the hardest and most tiring work by himself. In the past 30 years of development, Minglong's machines have become more and more sophisticated. Most of them are imported machines, with higher requirements for machine repair, with his solid professionalism and selfless dedication, he has completed countless large and small "emergency repair tasks". The legend of "as long as Master Bu is there, there will be no problem in machine repair" has been circulating in the workshop. Hard work is the embodiment of Bu Jiankun's lofty personality. During his more than 20 years in office, he often calls from the workshop at two or three o'clock in the middle of the night, and he responds, "I'll be right there!", At first, his wife often complained, but over the years, it has become a "habit" and began to support him silently. Although he is an old employee and skilled, he has never been complacent. He has always been active and diligent in his research. He has mastered the latest machine repair skills at the first time and passed them on to new employees without reservation.
"Master Bu" is a bright red flag, a pair of gauze gloves, a set of work clothes, various tools and a suit of engine oil, which is often his normal work 23 In his diligent work, he has always conveyed the positive energy of being positive and loyal to his duties.

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