Mei Chen

Speaking of Chen Mei, the employees of Kibu Company all gave their thumbs up. From the general manager to the ordinary employees, they all expressed great appreciation for the petite and gentle "daughter-in-law" of Tu Dian.

Chen Mei, originally from Sichuan, was born in 1975 in Tudian Hengfeng Village,2008Entered Minglong Company in. She has been in the post of "Jing Jing" for 8 years. She has strict discipline, exquisite business, and takes the initiative to spread, help and lead. She is the "assured employee" in the eyes of the leaders ". Every time there is a difficult task, needless to say, she is always the first person to shoulder the heavy burden silently. Her skillful operation skills are a good hand in the post of "Jing Jing". "if you choose in the Jing Jing workshop, the technology is one of the best". "There are new workers, Chen Mei takes them" has become an unwritten "rule" in the first workshop of Kibu, and Chen Mei can always teach the new employees the first lesson with her professionalism and patience. "She is an employee with strong initiative," the workshop director said of Chen Mei. She is in the front line and is an employee. Chen Mei never drags behind because of difficult and tired work. Initiative and positivity are her distinct work style. Over the years, while doing her job well, Chen Mei has actively, patiently and meticulously trained new employees, and unreservedly imparted her accumulated experience to new employees and other colleagues. The good working atmosphere of mutual help and unity has also radiated to the entire Kibu company.

With first-class technology and down-to-earth people, such front-line workers have created a good Minglong brand of Kibu Company and are valuable "the most beautiful Minglong people".

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