Zhu Linjie

When it comes to a funny and humorous young male leader in the finance department, everyone can guess that he is a "happy fruit" of female comrades in Minglong's financial front-Zhu Linjie.

zhu linjie, born in 1983,2006He joined Minglong Company in 2005 and is now the deputy director of the company's financial audit department. Positive, optimistic and cheerful, he influenced the entire financial department. In the words of the last "most beautiful dragon man" and "Aunt Gu", he brought a lot of fun to the boring work of the financial department and eased the tense and depressing working atmosphere of the financial department. It is a major feature of Zhu Linjie to love all kinds of new things and pay attention to finding humor in life. All kinds of encyclopedic "jokes" can always amuse everyone. He was born in Koban. Although he is easy-going and funny on weekdays, he is quite professional and exquisite in business. Every time his colleagues have business problems, Zhu Linjie can always answer them carefully and guide them personally. He, who has no official airs, is deeply loved by the leaders and colleagues of the finance department. He is good at computer knowledge and even acts as a temporary "network manager" in the finance department ". It is also common for him to work overtime, especially in the anti-dumping of plastic companies, the declaration of national high-tech enterprises of plastic and base cloth companies, and the declaration of the listing of the "new third board" of base cloth companies, he often stayed up late until the early morning, but never complained. Active and diligent, he gradually became the "excellent benchmark" of the financial department ".

Zhu Linjie has become a "treasure" in the finance department, where there are more women than men ". However, what is more commendable is that he has the double charm of business and personality, which has made him the honorary title of "the most beautiful dragon man.

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