Xu Zhangguan

xu guanzhang,Born in 1962,2007yearMing LongThe company is now deputy director of the workshop of the plastic company.Colleagues in the plastic company often call him jokingly: Chief Xu, who is steadfast and diligent, is recognized as a good leader at the grass-roots level.

on the job postHethey are reserved for their karma,Everything is in the interests of the enterprise,From a regular employee.After ten years of training,Gradually grow as aExcellent grassrootsManagement personnel. In the personnel, safety, health, and logistics work in charge, he has the characteristics of miscellaneous, chaotic, and tricky, but he is never afraid of trouble.."If he didn't know every employee very well, it would be very difficult to start the work." For example, the seemingly simple personnel allocation work such as how many shifts a day, which personnel are on duty, and whether shift adjustment is needed, is the basis for normal daily production. Xu Zhangguan must confirm it repeatedly every day. In order to facilitate contact, he remembered each employee's mobile phone number, even his home address and home number clearly in his notebook. in terms of personnel entry and exit management,New EmployeeWhen reporting,In order to take care of colleagues who can't read, he often reads the contract, safety system, etc. to them one by one, so that they can know fairly well and treat the former employees. Every timeTalk to them and do ideological work well.."It may be no less than ten times that he said he would kill me," Xu Zhangguan quipped. Although he occasionally encountered unreasonable employees in management, heDareStick to the principle, not afraid to offend people, dare to doDifficult.Especially in the process of contract management and work-related injury treatment, he always adheres to the principle,Never cheat.

Meticulous and thoughtful but not lack of principle, integrated into the front line but not negligent in management, Xu Zhangguan's management model has been tested and has been unanimously recognized by Minglong."The most beautiful dragon man".

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