Zhu Haiping

   1996 years9I entered Minglong Company in January and have been working so far.21Years ago, he is currently the director of the deep processing workshop of warp knitting branch. Since taking part in the work, continuously9He was named "Excellent Party Member" and "Excellent Staff.

Love one's post and respect one's work, devote oneself to one's duty, and strive to do one's job well. From an ordinary yarn wearer to the director of the deep processing workshop, she works diligently, works hard and puts the company's interests first. whenever it rains suddenly at night, she will not sleep well all night, thinking about whether there are any goods in the greenhouse. when it rains heavily, she thinks about whether they will be flooded. several times she gets up in the middle of the night to check the goods in the factory or do some protective work to reduce the losses for the company as much as possible, this professionalism deserves to be learned and commended by all of us.

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